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December 2007

My mother Gillian has got plenty of soul. She's currently battling terminal cancer and is amazingly positive and strong about it. Read about her situation on her website.

Soul of fame

Australian national anthem sung to the tune of Jimmy Barnes's Working Class man. How to turn a the world's worst anthem into something decent. Sung here by Adam Hills. This has piles of soul.

Ever since Triple J hit the airwaves, I've never listed to commercial again. It's shaped my music tastes since the 1990s.

I've always loved Billy Connelly's humour. Finally in 2006 I saw him live in Sydney. What a performance. He went non-stop for 4 hours. No break. I was exhausted.

The Belgian Ambassador to Australia had plenty of soul. After getting the taste for Belgium beer from my visit to country in 2002, I returned to Australia wondering where the hell I was going to find a drop. Being in Canberra, I contacted the Belgium Embassy and talked to some chap who invited me to a 'function'. It turned out I was talking to the Ambassador and he had invited me to his farewell drinks at the Embassy.

About soul

You've gotta have soul to make this page. As you can see, it's a much harder list to make than Are souls exposed.