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Smart Alex Downer (Aug 2007) - his arrogance was on display again when he give a school kid a hard time for asking too many hard questions about climate change. He accused the 17 year old boy of being a stooge for the Labour Party. He didn't think they were intelligent enough to write their own questions.

Humans (2007) - Devastating pollution, illegal fishing and heavy cargo traffic being the likely cause of the extinction of the Yangtze River Dolphin in China

Kevin Andrews (Jul 2007)

Wins hands down for his terrible treatment of an innocent man. He's certainly the no.1 glove puppet of the PM these days.

Cartoon: © Bill Leak and The Australian

  • Alexander Downer (Jul 2007) - a late charge at the end of the month with his reaction to the government apologising to Dr Haneef

"What do you expect them to do, fall on the ground and grovel - eat dirt - I mean, get real. This is a quite common situation", he said.

Hall of Fame

John howard - never trust a bloke with stuckon eyebrows and a quivering bottom lip (despite the fact that his soul went overboard many a year ago)

Australian flag - if we must have the same template, at least make it reflect current culture...


  • The Australian National Anthem - up their with the worlds worst anthems, especially when sung by julie andrews or some loser from Australian Idol. But if you sing it to the tune of Jimmy Barnes' "Working Class Man" - that's soul)
  • Bogans - you are basically why I rarely go to a rugby league game anymore
  • McDonalds - how do people eat this shyte...?
  • Lotus Notes - the worlds worst email system
  • Alexander Downer, Philip Ruddock & Tony Abbott - 3 biggest ar.seholes in aussie politics (other than their boss)
  • Politicians in general
  • "no dog" signs - humans and dog have been hanging around for ages, and some bureaucrat stepped in a dog turd and spoils it for the rest of us
  • Security guards - you people really need a sense of humour
  • Channel 9, A Current Affair and Tabloids - utter trash
  • Alan Jones, John Laws & Eddie Maguire - you are proof that power & money corrupts
  • Public smokers - i'm really enjoying your liberty's skrinking day by day!
  • Urban 4WD's & their owners - you idiots are upsizing everywhere and we can't see past you on the road - bloody annoying.
  • VB beer - foul tasting brew for bogans
  • religion - bollocks
  • concept of god and the devil - fairytales for adults
  • Hillsong - about time you started paying tax you scam artists
  • lunatics who blow themselves up (and others) in the name of their god - just remember, there will only be me in your paradise...
  • Soccer - goal-less draws - you are kidding yourselves)

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